Marquee Options

Hampton Marquee

Our new Hampton pole marquee has the elegance of a traditional pole marquee with a point of difference- this marquee has champagne coloured fabric and wooden look poles.

The Hampton will create an unforgettable atmosphere with its clean roof lines and stunning design.

Alispan Marquees

Our Alispan clearspan strucutres are the premium option when it to comes to marquees, available in 12m or 18m wide spans and expanadble in length by 5m sections from 10m to 50m or more, they are a very versatile product.  These marquees are able to be installed on any surface type.

With a 3m Wall height as standard, they create a feeling of volume and space inside.

Available with Black or White silk linings, and clear walls also.

Clipframe Marquees

Clipframe Marquees are available in two sizes, 6m wide and expandable in length by 3m sections, or 10m wide and expandable in 5m sections.

These are able to be installed on any surface, and are available with optional black or white silk linings and clear walls.

Electron Marquees

Our Electron Marquees are a traditional peg and pole design, they have an elegant roof shape and are available with white silk linings and clear walls.

Available in 9m, 12m and 16m widths, we have a size to suit everyones needs. 

These Marquees are suitable for installation on grass surfaces.

Springtop Marquees

Springtop Marquees are available in 3m x 3m, 3m x 6m, 5m x5m, and 5mx10m sizes.

The Springtop Marquee is simple to install, and is ideal for customer self installation.

Springtop Marquees can be installed on any surface.